USPS eRetire Liteblue – Liteblue USPS Employee Retirement Application [2022]

What is USPS eRetire Liteblue?

USPS eRetire Liteblue is one of the USPS self-service web-applications that is specifically designed for the United States Postal Service staff to plan or begin to plan their retirement activities.

There are many other self-service applications that are available on the official Liteblue Usps Gov Wps Myportal. However, This application is for the Liteblue Retirement staff. If you are about to retire or you have joined now, this Usps Lite Blue Gov Retirement information will be useful to you.

Just like all the USPS Self-service applications available on the Usps Liteblue Employee portal, this service is also accessible using your internet browser. You just have to click this link or paste it on your browser.

What are the Benefits of Using Liteblue eRetire Portal?

If you are qualified for the eRetire service, then you can get the below benefits,

  • View and print the annuity estimate.
  • You can start the process of your retirement by selecting the appropriate retirement date.
  • Make arrangements for meeting a retirement counselor.
  • Download retirement application forms for claiming for your retirement. You can request it on your mail address also.

The USPS eRetire Liteblue is available on the Liteblue Usps Gov Wps Myportal which is a convenient way for any USPS employee to access.

The Liteblue eRetire self-service application was designed for the activities related to the Liteblue Retirement of the staff members. The USPS Staff members can manage their pension related details, manage their online Liteblue Retirement activities by going to Usps Lite Blue Gov Retirement section online.

This eRetire LiteBlue service is very useful for retirement planning. So, this online self-service application is limited to only those people who are nearing their retirement. If you have recently joined USPS or you are nowhere near the retirement age, then Liteblue eRetire self-service by USPS is not for you. Some employees may not meet the criteria for eRetire application, then they will not get access to it.

What is the Purpose of USPS eRetire Service?

LiteBlue is a U.S. Government website and to use this website, you must be an authorized employee of the United States Postal Service. There are many important self-service applications and functions offered on the official Liteblue.Usps.Gov/Wps/Myportal. This single platform offers so many features that are useful to all the staff members who are working at U.S.P.S.

The purpose of eRetire is to provide retirement benefits to its employees and offer them attractive pensions. To avail the benefits of e-Retire, you must be an employee of USPS and you must meet the criteria. If you do not know about the criteria for eligibility, let me help you out.

LiteBlue eRetire Eligibility Criteria

For understanding the criteria, you must be aware about the rules and regulations of eRetire plan,

  • The employees who are eligible for retirement.
  • Employees having 5 or above 5 years of retirements.
  • Employees having 6 months or above 180 days of retirement.

With the help of Liteblue USPS Org portal,  you can easily check and review the pension plans at regular times.

Further, the employees can decide the package that is appropriate to their needs. Liteblue also helps the user to print their application online for the retirement plan. All the employees can visit USPS LiteBlue eRetire platform and exchange information and personal guidance along with all the information that is related to the pension plans.

But if you are just working part-time, working as postal inspectors, or working some NTFT (Non-traditional) jobs, then you must approach the HRSSC to find out the details about the estimate of manual annuity. After you have done the request for annuity estimate, you will receive it on your specified address in about 7-10 days.

Note: If you do not know how to approach HRSSC, then you can call on 1.877.477.3273 and press the #5 to connect to the annuity estimate specialist.

How Can I Login to the LiteBlue eRetire?

If you are qualified to use the portal, then first you could struggle a bit to find the right options and face small challenges to get things going. But I am here to make things simpler and save your time for learning.

If you read the below steps, you will not have trouble using the LiteBlue eRetire platform,

click on myhr tab in usps eretire liteblue portal

  • You can click the “My HR” tab as well.

click on more in find employee app section

  • Now on the above page, please find the “Find Employee Apps”.
  • Below the option, there will be “More>>” option.

login to liteblue eretire portal

  • Now scroll down to the option “eRetire” option.
  • If you are not logged in to the portal, this link will open –
  • So I advise you to login first and then open the eRetire option.

After you access the eRetire, you can print or view the schedule of your counseling session, request for the retirement application form and print it, download it or request to receive it in your email. There are many other Usps Lite Blue Gov Retirement functions that you can access on the platform.


After reading this article, you are now aware about the Liteblue eRetire platform and all the benefits it provides. I have included all the basic details like how you can access the portal and get benefits for Liteblue Retirement. If you are nearing retirement then this information is going to help you a lot. I have tried to make the process of USPS eRetire Liteblue very simple so for the first time around, you are not confused. Use the information about the article when you try to open the eRetire platform.


Where can I find the Liteblue eRetire portal?

You can access this portal Liteblue Usps Gov Wps Myportal. Then, click the option Human resource or My HR option and find the option of eRetire. Click it and access the benefits.

I cannot use my Liteblue eRetire portal on Liteblue.Usps.Gov Extranet

The Usps Liteblue Extranet services never go down. But if there is some problem, it will be either on your end or with the website’s server. Refresh the current page or access the page later on. You will have no trouble at all.

How many applications are there on the Usps Light Blue Website?

On the Usps Liteblue Employee portal, there are many platforms for self-service that are available. You can find eCareer, eJob Binding, eOPF, eLRA, PortalEase, Name Change and many others along with Usps Liteblue Payroll and Liteblue eRetire.

What is the cause of the message while opening the Liteblue.Usps.Gov/Wps/Myportal website – Page or file not found?

Do not try to open the website without adding “https://” before the URL. You can click this link – and it will open on your page.

I am not able to open the Liteblue.Usps.Gov/Retire portal.

If you are unable to access the Usps Liteblue Gov Retirement page because the link you are entering does not exist. If you are trying to access the Liteblue USPS eRetire portal, then you need to go with the stepwise procedure.

Who can benefit from the Usps Lite Blue Gov Retirement schemes?

All the employees can benefit from the retirement benefits offered by LiteBlue one way or the other. All they need to do is just make sure they reach the retirement age to access these retirement benefits on the Usps Liteblue Org.

What was the reason that postal services started Usps Lite Blue Pages?

The USPS LiteBlue page was introduced by the Postal Service for helping out the existing employees of the company for educating them and helping them. This portal provided the employees online resources.

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