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Hello, friends are you unable to access your USPS eRetire Liteblue online service with the help of Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources? If you do not know about Usps Shared Services like Usps Human Resource Dept., then let me help you with that.

Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources – Liteblue My Hr

USPS is, hands down, the biggest employer of the United States of America. USPS provides the employees an online portal which helps them access a wide variety of functions and features such as Liteblue portal. On this portal, you must access the Liteblue Human Resources

Using the “Liteblue My Hr” tab on the platform

But you must remember that you cannot expect to resolve all your inquiries on this Usps Liteblue Human Resources page. For some queries, you must directly speak to the HR Specialist and explain the matter. You can also call the HR Usps Shared Services to reach out to the Usps Human Resource Dept.

Overview of Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources – Liteblue My Hr

liteblue my hr

Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources can be checked by opening the below mentioned url in your latest browser. –

Using this portal employees can get connected to the Human resources department at their convenient time. Employees can access many things related to the HR department on this portal for instance, updating their personal information, career development option, check and claim employee benefits, any information related to payroll, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned tasks there are many other tasks such as listed below, check them and see are you looking for any one of them currently.

  • Changing the coverage of Health Insurance
  • Employment status verification
  • Posting job applications
  • Checking on return rates of TSP that are applicable currently.
  • Can access the ePayroll system of the company.

Why must I contact the Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources specialist?

If you cannot find the information on the task or a proper answer to your query, then you must take your matter to a specialist of Usps Human Resource Dept. To approach a Usps Hr Dept expert, you need to contact Usps Shared Services Center. IF you have not used the Liteblue Usps Gov Human resources page and accessed all the details, then you may not have not have any idea about which services or features are not available at the Liteblue My Hr page.

To make things easier, I have listed some of the topics of which you will not find any solution on the Human Resources Usps page.

  • FSP or Flexible Spending Account
  • Details about federal health benefits (if you get any)
  • Thrift Saving Plans
  • Local Taxation or State Taxation related details
  • Group Life Insurance details.
  • Military Leave details and buy-back options of civilian or military
  • Local Station details and State Station details.
  • Information about death benefits and about the beneficiary
  • SF 50 Processing
  • Retirement related information and even the early retirement information.
  • Worksheets

For all of the above benefits, you will need to rely on the Usps Human Resources Office or USPS HR Specialist.

Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources – Contact Details

In case you are unable to finish your task or get the proper information online, then you need to contact the HR Usps Shared Services Center. So please use the below contact details that would help you out in resolving all your issues or troubles easily.

  • Please call 1.877.477.3273. On the call, please press 5 options from the menu.

Note: The operating hours for taking calls is around Monday to Friday around 07:00 AM to 08:30 PM.

  • For hearing impaired users, there is a TTD / TYY service. To avail this service, please dial 1.866.260.7507

If you want to inquire more about the benefits or any other compensation related matter, please contact HR Shared Service Center using its correspondence address,

  • Benefits / Compensation
  • P.O. Box – 970400
  • Greensboro
  • NC-27497 0400

The above mailing address is for general inquiries related to benefits and other compensation only. If you have any inquiries related to Separations or Retirements, then I request you to please use the below address,

  • HRSSC,
  • Retirement / Separation
  • P.O. Box – 970500
  • Greensboro
  • NC-27497 0500


So, dear friends, hope you have loved my work on Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources. I hope you were able to access all the details of USPS eRetire Liteblue benefits using the Liteblue My Hr tab. Thank you all for reading with concentration. Let me know if you were looking for some more details on this topic or what I missed. Please put it all in your comments.


What can I access after opening the Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources?

After opening the official link for Liteblue Usps Gov Human Resources, you can access all the details that are just one click away.

On which number should I contact the Usps Hr Dept HRSSC for any more questions?

The Post Office Human Resource Number is 877.477.3273. You can share your questions on this Us Postal Service Human Resources Contact number.

Can I find more details about my health plan at Blue Usps Gov Wps Portal?

Yes, the Blue Usps Gov online portal provides several features and it is quite simple to check your health plan details on the portal.

After dialing the 1.877.477.3273 number, I have to wait for many minutes. Is there any shortcut way to connect with the representative?

It is the official Usps Human Resources Office customer service number and on this Usps Shared Services Phone Number, there are more than one calls going on simultaneously. But there is a trick that would help you connect to a live person easily,

  • On the call, please press 5
  • After that, please press 9
  • Finally press 2.
  • Now you will need to enter your official Employee ID.

How can Human Resources Usps benefit me?

On the official Human Resources page, several functions and features are available. All of them help you out in simplifying their work-life and balance it.

Where to find the information about bonus or extra payment?

You can open the official website of USPS Gov and access your ePayroll. You can check all the details in payroll of the last 40 payment cycles. Here you will get all information of all your previous transactions. But if you are looking for current updates of your additional pay, then you can search bi-weekly about these details. In case you are still not satisfied with the details provided, then you can ask for help at the Post Office Hr Department.

Can I access the details about Health Savings Account or HSA  on Blue Lite Usps Gov?

All features of the portal are accessible online at the Liteblue portal. You must be logged into the portal for checking the Health Savings Account. If you are not able to get the details that you look for, then do not forget to take help from Usps Human Resources Shared Services.

Which option should I click when I am on a Postal Service Human Resources Phone Number?

You must press on the 5 number to proceed connecting to Us Post Office Human Resources Dept.

What is the ideal time for calling the HR Post Office Number?

You can try to call the Us Postal Service Human Resources Number during the business / operating hours.

What is the customer complaint number for Post Office Shared Services?

You can call on this number 800.275.8777 in order to Call the official USPS Postal Service or customer service.

What is the eight digit pin of Blue.Usps.Gov/Wps/Portal?

If you want to access the features on Us Post Office Hr Department, If you are not aware about what an eight digit number is then, you can check your previous statements and other details, those will help you out with the queries.

I am not able to find the information about the eCareer, can United Postal Service Human Resources department help me?

The Usps Shared Service Center is open for all kinds of employee help and support and when you are unable to find the details on the official portal, then you can dial the Lite Blue Usps Phone Number. The Liteblue Contact number is 800.275.8777.

I want to know, How Do I Contact Usps Hr?

You can contact the HR department by using the Liteblue Usps Contact 1.877.477.3273. This is the official Postal Service Hr Phone Number which will help you in getting all the details easily.

I want the duplicate forms, How Do I Contact Usps Payroll Department?

You can get your duplicate forms by calling 866.974.2733. It is the official number of Accounting HelpDesk. Or If you cannot find the details, please ask the Us Postal Service Human Resources Department.

What is the official Usps Human Resources Mailing Address? I want to send Form 1216.

The mailing address is – HRSSC, Benefit/ Compensation, P.O. Box – 970400, Greensboro, NC 27497-0400. Here you can send the PS Form 2016.

Is there any technical issue with Light Blue Usps Com?

No, the Light Blue Usps.Com website never stays down for long. If there is some maintenance going on, within a very short time, it will be restored.

What is the Usps Hr Email Address as I find the calling option a bit time consuming.

The official help and support email is – [email protected]. Please confirm with your manager or Usps Human Resource Department if this email is valid when you are about to use it.

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